Freitag, 10. Juli 2020


We studied music mainly by listening different kinds of music. Usually I gave assignments via Wilma and students could do them at their own pace. When students gave presentations we used Microsoft Teams or Zoom as a platform. Concidering the circumstances those applications worked out pretty well. Students managed to choose interesting songs for listening and they also created fun quiz shows (Kahoot for example) so that every classmate could involve.

The most important shortage was lack of making music together: playing and singing. As a teacher I consider making music the most important, fundamenltal aspect of learning music. I know there are different solutions for making music remotely. One group of students actually used a DAW-program called Soundtrap (DAW = Digital Audio Workstation). I will definitely continue my research on this area so I will be prepared for the future if times like these ever happen again!

Milla Pohjola, music teacher, Iitin lukio, Finland

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